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Hi! I’m Sarah B. Nelson Chief Instigator and Igniter of Passions at Radically Human. After leading cross-functional creative teams in tech for 15 years, I founded Radically Human to empower visionary creative leaders to champion creativity, innovation, and important ideas in their organizations, so that the world we live and work in becomes more human and more humane.

I created the Radical Visionary for creative professional women who want to have BIG careers and lead INSPIRED design initiatives. My team and I can’t wait to help you navigate the complex world of organizations creatively, authentically, and without apology.

Why listen to me?

I am a lifelong creative person and designer. With an upbringing in the arts, I’ve had a lifelong love affair with collaborative creativity. I believe in design both as a practice and as a powerful tool. Whether writing code (yes, I did that. Loved it), designing systems, or engaging 30 stakeholders in a co-design process, creating something from nothing energizes me.

I’ve been in your shoes. As a design strategist, I’ve lead design and vision projects at Adaptive Path, POP! and Hot Studio for Nike, The Metropolitan Opera, and Vanguard Funds. I’ve held roles ranging from front-end dev to creative director to company leader to entrepreneur.

I’m dedicated to creative leadership. Creative leadership development is what I do. I design unique and original creative leadership development programs for companies including Walmart, Intuit, RiotGames, Capital One, and Citrix.

I know creative teamwork backwards and forwards. Design thinking and methods help you organize information and uncover ideas — but they don’t help you work with the complex world of human emotions and team dynamics. My training in Organizational Relationship Systems Intelligence and Co-active Coaching compliments my Master of Design Methods from the Institute of Design at IIT and gives me a giant, proven toolbox.

Sarah B. Nelson, founder

“The vision, values, and alignment work Sarah did with our leadership team is absolutely foundational to the ongoing success of the UX organization.”
Aaron Nather
VP Digital Media Group, DirecTV
“I can’t imagine a better partner to help us develop our UX leadership team. ”
Sara Ortloff-Khoury
VP of UX, Walmart Labs

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