This week I was out at a meetup and, in casual conversation, a smart up and coming interaction designer asked me my FAVORITE question.

“How do I overcome my fear of public speaking?”

It might surprise you to know that I suffered from performance anxiety for a big chunk of my life. Even though I started performing at 3 (yes, 3!) as a classical violinist, I started to have panic attacks in certain performance situations when I was a teenager.

Cut to years later at Adaptive Path and, though I had become quite comfortable leading meetings and workshops, giving talks at conferences was a whole other ballgame.

So how did I got from petrified to *loving* public speaking (and I seriously, no BS, love it)?

In today’s video I share a the three big a-ha’s I had completely changed my relationship to public speaking. I know they’ll help you, too. We need to hear your unique voice!

So, how about you?

How did you overcome your fear of public speaking OR if you are still afraid of it, what are you doing to overcome it?

Share your techniques with the rest of us by leaving a comment below.

Go forth and SPEAK brilliantly!


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