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This week’s question comes from Courtney and she asks:

How do you lead while staying close to the creative work?

This is the question that every designer asks at some point in their career. I know I did.

Watch the video to hear my answer.

The good news? You will always know what you know. You will never forget how to design. You might get rusty but it will all come tumbling back to you should you ever need to dive back in.

The other good news? Many design leaders move back and forth between leadership and design roles throughout their career. I know plenty of awesome creative leaders who have led BIG corporate teams (80+ people!) and then gone back to in hands-on roles.

In this video, I discusses some of the gifts and surprises in creative leadership and how to stay close to creativity even while you focus on leading people.

Hint? It’s all about how you frame your design problem.

Now you! What’s your experience?

How do you stay in touch with the intricacies of execution and creative work while leading or managing a team?

Share your experience with the rest of us by leaving a comment below.

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