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This week’s burning question about creative leadership is a hot topic! It comes from Lauren and she asks:

Is it a reality that women should have to adapt their style based on the current state of culture in companies?

Short answer: yes!

But before you freak out, hear me out.

To be effective, all leaders must adapt to their organization’s culture.

Watch the video for more.

Notice I said adapt, not conform. The purpose of Creative Leadership is clear: to get great work into the hands of customers to meet their needs and build thriving businesses. To accomplish this, we have to work with a lot of different disciplines. Adaptability is the most important leadership competency you can develop.

In this video, I discuss how masculine and feminine leadership (which is not necessarily tied to gender) plays out in our mixed-discipline environments and gives some examples of how you might learn to adapt your style to your environment.

As a leader of any gender, your vision and values need to sync up with your organization’s vision and values. If they don’t line up, nothing you do will work. So start there. (That’s why we start there in the Radical Visionary Leadership Program, too.)

Now you! What’s your experience?

How have you adapted your leadership style based on your corporate culture?

Share your experience with the rest of us by leaving a comment below.

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