This week’s question from Beth got me reminiscing, remembering what it was like early on in my career. I enjoyed this question so much that I forgot to check the camera focus — but heck, I love my answer. Bad focus or not, here it is!

Here’s Beth’s full question:

“What do you wish you knew early on about leadership, when opportunities were ad hoc and before anyone reported to you?”

When I reflect on my early work, I had strong principles driving me: I wanted to create digital experiences that made a difference in people’s lives. I constantly looked for ways to do that in my organization. Those turned out to be “leadership opportunities.”

The thing about leadership is that it’s not about the org chart and it’s not about waiting for someone to “grant” you leadership. People tend to promote you into the job you are already doing. Leadership comes from within and is best learned with an experimental mindset.

In today’s video I share some of my experience — what worked and what didn’t — and give you a framework for identifying and taking advantage of the leadership opportunities all around you.

Watch the video for more.

Now you! What’s your experience?

What ad hoc leadership opportunities are you jumping on?

Share your techniques with the rest of us by leaving a comment below.

Get fueled up. Do great work!


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